I’m a dag: a nerdy, wordy, bookish kinda gal who spends more time than she should dancing to 80s and 90s pop. (Ahem…thank-goodness-this-blog-is-annonymous!)

One thing I love about being with L, albeit on a rather superficial level, is the fact that he can’t tell the difference between indy-folk-‘local’ music (uber cool) and American-style-big-named pop (not cool). I’m not sure whether this is a cultural or personal thing, but to L, all Western music sounds pretty similar.

This is great news for me because it means that while L is on the computer studying, I can thump out the back of his chair to the likes of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ blasting from YouTube. And all this without (I think…?!) losing his respect.

Dancing to me is fantastic stress relief. I’m not sure though, how this covert 80s and 90s fetish would go down if I was with a too-cool-for-school-Radiohead-loving guy (with all due love and respect to my friends :)).

L has always been genuine with me, without ever feeling the need to prove himself. Maybe this is all a part of being intimate – attracting and loving each other at our daggiest, rather than impressing each other at our wittiest.

Not that L is daggy. His taste in music is much more meaningful than mine – e.g. Zimbabwean folk songs recounting exchanges between sorcerers and healers (how can Cindy Lauper compete with that?!). And while he puts up with my not-so-groovy moves, he sure as hell draws the line at my not-so-in-tune-tunes:

Me (getting into bed): Caaan you feeeel the looove toniiiight.

L: Stop making noise darling.


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6 responses to “COOL Vs DAGGY

  1. I can recognize myself a bit into your story. Sorry, I don’t listen to 80-90’s dance music that much, but I am a fan of Remixed Bollywood music. I can not understand it but it’s nice to dance on and just behave crazy. (Because girls just wanna have fun…. 🙂 )My husband likes more ‘meaningful’ music.

    Still it’s nice when in a relationship one can respect each other’s music taste, it seems you have a great other half.

  2. Bahahaha, hilarious post. Radiohead is awesome but definitely not awesome enough to compete with Zimbabwean folk songs recounting exchanges between sorcerers and healers. Though I’d probably still stick with Radiohead.

  3. americanepali

    Cute 🙂

  4. Not familiar with the term “daggy” – but it sounds very cool. This is one of those hyper local issues that is hard to express. I struggled with the intricacies of musical genre’s for many years and still do, and in college embarrassed myself quite a bit. But I’m all cool with that now. My wife was more a classical music lover than contemporary. She’s into musicals and piano’s and jazz etc.

    • I never realised how subtle contemporary western music genres can seem until L told me they all sound the same to him (That’s when I felt free to let go in front of him and embrace the 80s ;)). Especially in college years, music taste really seems to mark you at as ‘cool’…or not as the case may be.
      Your wife sounds like she has great music taste, very classy!!

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